All-Con Weapons Policy:

This policy is a combination of convention rules and of the laws of the State of Texas. Enforcement of these rules is enacted with Limited Tolerance. Any infraction of these rules may be met with expulsion from the convention without a refund as well as possible law enforcement involvement.


Participants may carry approved weapons as long as they pertain to a costume being worn at the time. Horseplay or careless handling of weapons in public areas is not permitted and will result in expulsion from the convention without refund.

Loaded projectile weapons are prohibited.
This includes any weapons capable of shooting any type of projectiles (including water pistols, and air-soft). Possession/Discharge of air-soft pellets or other types of ammunition in convention space will result in expulsion from the convention without refund.

Replica Firearms -
Any realistic/replica firearm will be checked by Con Security. If Con Security does not allow the weapon, it must be put in your room or vehicle. Previously ''real'' firearms must be permanently inert. (You can't just take out the firing pin!)

Weapons that do not appear to be ''real'' (i.e. light sabers, star trek phasers, etc.) are not required to be peace bonded.

Impact weapons -
Impact weapons are not required to be peace bonded. Concerns of specific impact weapons will be addressed by Con security and may require peace bonding or removal from convention space.

Club type items such as bats, staves, hockey sticks and golf clubs must be carried responsibly as to not interfere with other attendees.

Edged weapons (knives, swords, etc.) -
Edged weapons for sale must be displayed out of reach of attendees and may not be handled by attendees in ''traffic'' areas. Any edged weapon sold during the course of the convention must be sealed in a box and the buyer should be referred to Con security for peace-bonding prior to the weapon returning to con space.

All sharpened edges that are part of a costume must be sheathed and peace tied. You will need to check any weapon with Con security to make sure that the weapon is bound. The convention has final say on whether the weapon may be brought in. Practice swords and non-sharpened weapons must be tied to the belt or back scabbard.

The only times at which edged weapons may be drawn will be as follows:

  •  On stage at the costume contest
    Any unsafe actions involving weapons onstage or backstage will result in disqualification and any further actions deemed necessary by Con Staff

  •  In a designated area for photo ops

  •  Pre-approved Demonstrations

  • If there are any questions about whether or not a weapon is allowed contact security. All persons handling weapons do so at their own risk. All decisions made by the Con staff regarding the Weapon Policy are final. Please note that the Weapons policy is subject to change and may be done so with or without advanced notice.



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