ALL-CON is a four day event, Thursday through Sunday.

Certain categories of goods which are not permitted at ALL-CON:

 • Food and Drink
 • Sharp / Bladed / Self Defense Goods (Stun Guns, Mace, etc.)
 • Projectile / Airsoft
 • Intimate Personal Accessories

 2023 ALL-CON VENDOR ROOM: secured room

A01 BattleBatsC21 V1 tech
A02 Christi's E CreationsC22 Faerie Crossroads
A03 Christi's E CreationsC23 Flerken Crafts, LLC
A04 17 Salvo StudiosC24 Flerken Crafts, LLC
A05 17 Salvo StudiosC25 Dark Side, Author
A06 More for WarC26 Destructogirl
A07 BatDanC27 Pyramid EFX
A08 Meesh OriginalsC28 Earthbound Martian
B09 Restless DealsD29 Celtic Chrystal
B10 Char and Tiff CreationsD30 Psychotic Psychic
B11 Char and Tiff CreationsD31 D&L Fantasy Arms
B12 Freakishly CraftyD32 D&L Fantasy Arms
B13 Aether ArtificerD33 Pending
B14 Aether ArtificerD34 Scarborough Faire
B15 Crystal PeddlerD35 Esty Way Gaming
B16 Man Made SoapD36 DisParody
C17 TNT CosplayD37 Galactic Dust Bunnies
C18 Black Market DragonsD38 Fandom to Miniature
C19 Barbara's Imagintion UnlimitedD39 Mini-Macra Creations
C20 Rarity MakesD40 Kawaii Otaku Plus
ALC01 Mad Raven ProductionsALC02 Vendor Services
EW01 Rowdy C ProductionsEW04 Color Spray Creations
EW02 Black Label Costume and PropEW05 Sonny Daze
EW03 This and That CreationsEW06 Assassination City Roller Derby

 ARTIST ALLEY AND EXHIBITORS: public hall tables

H01 ADHD SketcherH07 Geekstyr
H02 Poke' Safari PrintsH08 Shimmering Willow Art
H03 Thrutheprism ArtH09 Jenafrid Art
H04 Diving Immortality ArtH10 Melissa Fedran RMT
H05 Big Ass DiceH11 MoonBlimp
H06 Hollywood MatrimonyH12 Madgeiniation Crafts



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