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Owl Craft Box [H12]

Life is full of challenges and then you die, might as well do something you enjoy. Setting course to full time conventions and craft fairs, Erika has honed her skills during the stability and hours of modern jobs, and gave it all away to pursue something she felt like she truly can excel in.

Living in Carrollton, surrounded by birds and culture, itís helped her re-evaluate what she is meant to do with other artists and creators. Understandably, in this day and age, times are hard which is why she has chosen to dedicate her life to art than social construct.

It's possible to live a life of a 'starving artist' despite the AIs and economy, everyone has an edge and it's time for her to show it! She is a HUGE chicken fan and specialize in miniature crafting. On fer off days, Erika dabbles in oracle readings, baking and good ol' Stardew Valley.

Erika loves meeting other artists and learning how they tick and has become know as ''The Chicken Lady'' in the streets at Anime Conventions. It's a new path and by the Great Spirit, she is just lucky enough to be able to share it!






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