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David Martineau

McFly Dallas



FRI 4:00 PM: Don't Lose Your Geek Card Back to the Future -Late Edition (45 mins.)

Room: LANTANA I (Breezeway) Rated: Everyone

Produced By: McFly Dallas

Moderated By: David Martineau

Great Scott! DFW's favorite Marty McFly shares his endless enthusiasm about the timeless trilogy with the rest of ALL-CON with a Back to the Future-themed version of DLYGC! As with any such timestream challenge, if contestants lose all three of their Geek Cards they will be erased...from existence!

But don't be a chicken--there will be bonus Geek Cards awarded for answering certain randomly chosen questions correctly. These act as additional Geek Cards, bolstering your chances at staying in the game. Other questions will randomly feature Prize Cards that can net you some amazing Back to the Future schwag!

Play your Geek Cards right and take the cake (Uncle Joey won't be needing it)! Will you be able to put history right, or end up fading away? Don't be a butthead--get there early (via any means natural or time-travel related) and let it be known you want to compete. A qualifying contestant questionnaire will be given to potential contestants at the start of the show and three will get to take the stage to put their Back to the Future knowledge to the test! Note: Game questions will be covering the entire cinematic trilogy, plus a few on the extended BTTF universe. The Tannen family insisted!

Category: Game Show