Each night at Midnight (Thu, Fri, Sat) ALL-CON staff gathers at the upper balcony and prepare to rain loot down upon the attendees below.

The pre-drop includes a moment of silence to mark the loss of the pinata frenzy event which ran in the timeslot from 2006 through 2017. Twelve years was a good run for any single event at ALL-CON.

The first 'drop' is of Mardi Gras style bead necklaces. This serves two purposes. They are easier to throw which allows the volunteers to perfect their aim and style, and the necklaces weigh down the receiver, making it a little more of a challenge for the next two drops.

The second 'drop' is of stuffed animals. The first drop is of smaller, better defined objects. This drop has animals of various sizes (3''-5'') thrown from above with a soft bouncy impact, making them more difficult to catch and allowing them to be thrown harder without fear of injuring the recipient.

The third 'drop' is the most challenging for both the volunteer and the receiver. It involves hundreds of balloons being individually dropped with 1-3 prize items inside. The receiver must decide whether to hold the balloon (inflated) in order to continue trying to catch more, or take the time to pop it and retrieve the prize(s) in order to be less encumbered to catch more balloons. Volunteers have to try to throw a wobbly, light, prize laiden balloon accurately enough as to possibly hit someone with it below them.


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