ALL-CON is a community of fans. All fans are important to us. Some fans help to breath life into the convention. It is both sad and tragic when those fans are called home. We ask that you help us to remember their names so that we may cherish them and our memories of passing them in the halls and seeing them bring joy to others around them.

If you know of one of our fan family who have passed away from this Earthly life, please make us aware so that we may honor them properly.

2007 Christine Hewett
Star Wars: A New Hope

2020 Michael Cross

2021 Gerald Home
Return of the Jedi

2022 Jack Flukinger

2022 Nick Glover
Mad Titan Cosplay

2023 Camden Toy
Buffy The Vampire Slayer

2024 Daniel Calhoun
Captain AmeriDad



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