Voice Acting: Where to Start

Rated: Everyone

Category: Discussion Panel

Produced by: Scarlet Muse Cosplay

Many people have asked Erica about her journey into voice acting... She loves to share what she has learned so far, advice on what order to take workshops in, and what is best for exactly what you want to do. Erica cover free casting websites and other helpful resources for networking into the industry. Perform exercises to practice, view audition slides I learn what to expect at an audition. Erica just recorded her demo reel 2/24 and explains that process as well.


THU Noon (45 mins.) Room: MAPLE (2nd Floor, Back)

Speaking: Erica Muse


FRI Noon (45 mins.) Room: PALM (1st Floor, Front)

Speaking: Erica Muse


SAT 11:00a.m. (45 mins.) Room: WILLOW (1st Floor, Front)

Speaking: Erica Muse