Galacticontest The Battlestar Galactica Trivia Challenge

Rated: Everyone

Category: Game Show

Produced by: Half-Ass Productions

ALL-CON game show hosts Shawn Padilla and Cole Houston offer up a contest for fans of the original Battlestar Galactica! Galactica 1980 is also in the mix of trivia (somebody has to be a fan), as well as a couple of categories covering the newer incarnation of the show. So there is truly a little something for everyone who loves them some Battlestar action!

Challenging trivia questions covering every Galactica version televised will test the knowledge of contestants over eight distinct categories. But wait! There are random Cylon Attacks that bring even more trivia to this show. Are you up to this rag-tag challenge? The winning contestant goes back to their personal Battlestar with a classic Cylon coaster set and a Titanium Series (modern style) Battlestar Galactica!

Contestants: Three


FRI 9:00p.m. (45 mins.) Room: PECAN (2nd Floor, Back)

Moderated By: Cole Houston