Rantcor Pit After Dark

Rated: Adult

Category: Talk Show

Produced by: Half-Ass Productions

For nearly half a decade Cole Houston and Eddie Medina have collectively been The Rantcor Pit. From their audio podcast to their ever-travelling, Dallas based, live-streaming ''The Rantcor Pit Live'' to 2017's The Rantcor Pit Road Show (returning in 2019), chances are you've seen and/or heard ''Your Favorite Star Wars Guys''. But (for the most part) you've never seen them quite like this!

Eddie and Cole are ready to let their hair down (and maybe their pants, but hopefully not) with a special live presentation that will play bluer than Aunt Beru's milk! Yes this is the late night, no-holds-barred, F-bomb dropping Star Wars X-travaganza you've been waiting for! ''The Moist Side of the Force'' is about to get moister than a Tattooine vaperator at harvest time and exclusively at ALL-CON!

If you thought there were uncomfortable moments in The Last Jedi, well... let's just say this show will make Rian Johnson blush!


SAT 10:00p.m. (45 mins.) Room: DOGWOOD (2nd Floor, Left)

Speaking: Cole Houston