Are you Smarter Than Devin Pike?

Rated: Everyone

Category: Gameshow

Produced by: ALL-CON Games and Theory

If you think the answer is Yes, then come prove it! The man who seems to know everyone and a whole lot of trivia returns to ALL-CON to challenge you to a battle of wits for fabulous prizes which he has no intentions of losing out on to the likes of you.

Three contestants chosen from attendees will compete in the first round of general knowledge trivia questions, hosted by Devin Pike; in the second round, Devin will become a contestant, fighting against the two remaining contestants (along with co-host Danny Gallagher). In the final Round Of Ten, Devin will go head-to-head against the last contestant standing. Sixty seconds to everlasting ALL-CON Glory.

So... if you think you're fast enough... smart enough... and if you've got the could have the right to hear America's Sweetheart proclaim you ''The Smartest Person at ALL-CON!''


SAT 8:00p.m. (45 mins.) Room: PECAN (2nd Floor, Back)