Time Travel Tomorrow: The New True Science of Time Travel

Rated: Everyone

Category: Discussion

Produced by: Marshall Barnes; ALL-CON Audio Visual

The official public announcement by Marshall Barnes on how we are at the brink of time travel right now and the overthrow of Einstein's theories of Relativity as being applicable to time travel solutions. Marshall is now that person predicted by the Perimeter Institute's Neil Turok, explaining to the BBC that time travel remains a distant hope because ''no one really has any plausible idea of how to go backwards in time right now'' but adding, ''One should never say never, because some clever person will come along and tell you how to break the rule.'' Witness Marshall's revelation of how to break the rule against going back in time as he prepares to do just that for himself and funders.


THU 5:00p.m. (45 mins.) Room: ADDISON LECTURE HALL (2nd Floor, Right)


SAT 3:00p.m. (45 mins.) Room: ADDISON LECTURE HALL (2nd Floor, Right)