Captain is Dead

Rated: Everyone

Category: Gameroom

Produced by: Chronicle GTC (Games, Toys, Comics) [C21 / C22]

The Captain Is Dead is a co-op game for 2 to 7 players. All you have to do is get the ship's engines back online and you win. Not all is as easy as it seems. In addition to fending off a constant onslaught of hostile aliens from your ship, you also have to defend yourself from the dangers of deep space to deal. There are multiple systems that must be kept online--anytime you encounter aliens, space trash or unknown anomalies, it will likely hit a vital system that you can't do without. There are over a dozen roles and each one brings something different to the table. You will all need to work as a group to maximize the potential of each role in order to win the game. The more players the merrier in this game!


FRI Noon (2 hours) Room: CHINABERRY (2nd Floor, Right)


FRI 1:00p.m. (1 hour) Room: CHINABERRY (2nd Floor, Right)