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Onliners Saturday Edition

Rated: Mature

Category: Exhibition

Produced by: Half-Ass Productions

If you are missing Comedy Central's ''@Midnight'' as much as Half-Ass Productions producer Cole Houston and Hey Kids, Comics! producer Andrew Farmer, this is a show you need to attend!

While it has a game show format, Onliners pits a hand-picked panel of some of the wittiest folks Andy and Cole know going head to head in a pointless competition to come up with the most hilarious answers and observations on all manner of things found on the internet! JediCole is both Executive Producer of Onliners and a panelist in at least one round annually. Original host Andrew Farmer is back with a wide variety of internet-inspired games for the panel which will include the likes of Kevin Jackson (In Our Nerdy Opinion) and Devin Pike (Universal Remote).
Points are awarded for cleverly answered questions, but at the end of the day they are meaningless. However, in the final round only two panelists will have the opportunity to vie for the coveted title ''King of ALL-CON''! There can be only two! (Because there are two shows of Onliners over the weekend.)

Needless to say, this show will be VERY adult-oriented in both language and content. No one under 18 will be admitted.


SAT 10:00 PM (45 mins.) Room: QUARTZ (Lincoln, Upper)

Moderated By: Cole Houston