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JediCole's Prize Pile

Rated: Everyone

Category: Game Show

Produced by: Half-Ass Productions

IT'S BACK! Seven years after it was retired--and that after three years of successfully defending the Prize Pile against all comers--JediCole is bringing back the most prize-heavy game show in ALL-CON history!

Cole ''JediCole'' Houston hosts the first part of the show, which brings to bear trivia from the full spectrum of fandom in a lively competition in which three contestants are hopefuls to take home the Prize Pile, an array of various prizes valued at over $300! Only one will make it to the final round to face off head-to-head against the show's host!

In Round Two, the lowest-scoring contestant steps aside and JediCole becomes a contestant with no foreknowledge of any of the questions to be asked for the remainder of the game. At that time his co-host, Nathan Cochenour (original co-host from 2011 to 2013), will take over the show as the remaining contestants battle it out against one another and the former host for the opportunity to face JediCole himself in a 60-second, 10-question challenge that will determine the fate of the Prize Pile!

Should the contestant take the day, they get 100% of the Prize Pile prizes! If JediCole yet again defends the Prize Pile, well...he doesn't want to take it all home so he is forced (like in those fateful three years in the past) to spend the rest of the weekend giving away every single prize! That's right! The entire Prize Pile will be in either one person's hands or a lot of people's hands before the end of the ALL-CON weekend. The finalist does not go home empty-handed as there is one prize in the ''Pile'' that is theirs for making it that far!

As with all game shows, get there early to get in on the potential contestant pool. Some game shows have a pre-show qualifying quiz and contestants are chosen at random from the contestant pool.


SAT Noon (45 mins.) Room: LANTANA I (Breezeway)

Moderated By: Cole Houston