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Screen Time: Rated R

Rated: Mature

Category: Game Show

Produced by: Half-Ass Productions

Screen Time is one of the most popular game shows at ALL-CON. But it can be a bit reserved in keeping with the family atmosphere of the convention. But late at night...that's a different story!

Host JediCole reveals that he does in fact know all the ''swear words'' when Screen Time lets loose with the ''Rated R'' version. Expect lots of movie trivia, fun starring role movie games, and all the drolly read movie quotes you love with Screen Time, only with a large volume of cussing found in favorite movies that are assuredly not appropriate for children. Audience members must be 18 years of age or older to attend or be contestants in this edition of the show.
Three contestants will vie for some amazing movie-themed prizes, with lots of dirty words and dirty themes getting them one step closer to being a new Screen Time champion!
As with all game shows, get there early to get in on the potential contestant pool. Some game shows have a pre-show qualifying quiz and contestants are chosen at random from the contestant pool.


FRI 11:00 PM (45 mins.) Room: LANTANA I (Breezeway)

Moderated By: Cole Houston