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What Were You Thinking? Meet the Dept.of Games and Theory

Rated: Everyone

Category: Presentation

Produced by: Half-Ass Productions

Start your ALL-CON game show experience with a glimpse behind the curtain.

Group Captain Cole ''JediCole'' Houston of ALL-CON Games and Theory, your game show track, presides over an opportunity to meet some of the folks behind your favorite game shows.
This lively, interactive panel will feature scheduling guru Mrs. JediCole as well as a variety of show producers for 2020. Meet the teams from The JediCole Universe/Half-Ass Productions, In Our Nerdy Opinion, Bacon Samurai, Animagic, and more. Discover the creative process, the ups and downs, and challenges behind challenging contestants over the prior 15 years of game shows at ALL-CON.

Keen on joining the Game and Theory team in 2021? Find out how and pick up some tricks of the trade on Thursday.


FRI 10:00 AM (45 mins.) Room: LONGHORN (Lincoln, Lower)

Moderated By: Zach Schrotter