Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadowcast

Rated: Adult

Category: Activity

Produced by: Los Bastardos; ALL-CON Audio Visual

This is a professional quality shadow cast performance. Los Bastardos is the longest running current DFW cast with over 16 years experience. The legend of the classic Rocky Horror performances in such places as New York is kept alive by this stunning 'shadow cast' of performers. Due to hotel restrictions, outside props for the performance are prohibited. Los Bastardos will have (optional) venue approved bags of props available. This is a free performance for ALL-CON attendees. Due to the theme and content, no convention attendee under 17 will be allowed into the ballroom unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. We additionally draw the line at the age of 12 for convention standards.


FRI 11:00p.m. (1 hour) Room: OAK BALLROOM (2nd Floor, Left)