House of Ghosts -- An interactive film screaming

Rated: Mature

Category: Presentation

Produced by: Christopher R. Mihm

With his most ''terrifying'' supernatural thriller, HOUSE OF GHOSTS, writer/director Christopher R. Mihm pays tribute to the works of the master of classic horror, William Castle!

Rich socialites Isaac and Leigh have a tradition of throwing exclusive dinner parties that include unique (and expensive) forms of entertainment. This time, they've booked a spiritual medium who promises to ''open a portal to the great beyond'' and allow the couple's equally eccentric guests to contact the ''afterworld.'' But, before he begins his presentation, the occultist offers a warning: Once the door has been opened, no human being can anticipate or control what might come through. Regardless, the group collectively agrees to go forward, only to find itself greatly disappointed by the first. Trapped in the couple's oversized house by a massive winter storm, the partygoers begin to experience unexplainable and increasingly frightening things. As these occurrences intensify, it becomes apparent that something evil is at work. Can the group survive the night or will ignoring the medium's warning be the last thing they ever do?

Since this interactive screening is a tribute to William Castle (the king of movie gimmicks), attendees will experience a bevy of otherworldly shenanigans as the film will come ALIVE, pulling filmgoers into the HOUSE OF GHOSTS—and unleashing the terrifying spirits seen on screen!

NOTE: All attendees must sign ''waivers'' so as to release writer/director Christopher R. Mihm, Saint Euphoria Pictures, and ALL-CON from all liability should they be frightened to death during the event. To guard against this, all attendees will be provided fear shields and props. An optional drinking game will be part of this event, but beverages will not be make sure to bring your Pepsi in a red cup!



SAT 8:00p.m. (2 hrs.) Room: RELECTIONS (Lobby, Lower)