ALL-CON Cosplay Contest 2024 - The Rules!

It's back! The annual Cosplay Contest will return at ALL-CON on Saturday.

Sign-ups are only available at the ALL-CON Volunteer Desk outside of the Vendor Room.


• NOVICE: The Novice division is for first year competitors who have not won awards yet..
• INTERMEDIATE: The Intermediate division is for those who have been competing for over 2 years or have won in the past in the novice or intermediate divisions. This division requires that at least 70% of the cosplay be made by, or heavily altered by, the wearer.
• MASTER: The Master division is for competitors who are professional seamstresses, tailors, or costume designers, competitors who have cosplayed for over 5 years, competitors who guest as professional cosplayers at conventions, or competitors who have won competitions in the past as best in class, best in division, or best in show.
• JUST FOR FUN: The Just for Fun division is for casual cosplayers, those considering entering the craftsman contest next year, or just those that want to show off their look for one of their favorite characters.


• There will be one winner chosen in each division, as well as, one cosplayer chosen for Best in Show. The JUST FOR FUN division does not qualify for Best in Show consideration.
• While entrants may enter in any division they qualify for, judges reserve the right to change a competitor's division at any time. Entrants may only enter one division.
• Division restrictions are strictly enforced. If any competitor is found to have entered a class below their skill level, the competitor will be immediately moved to a higher class. If a competitor is found to have intentionally entered a class below their skill level (also known as sandbagging), the competitor risks immediate disqualification.
• Rude remarks, put-downs, or other unsportsmanlike conduct will result in a warning. Intense cases may result in immediate disqualification. Respect the staff, the judges, and your fellow competitors.
• Judges are not permitted to discuss the entrees or the results outside of with the entrant or their fellow judges. This is to protect entrants, judges, and staff, as well as to maintain the professionalism of the contest.
• Entrants with larger cosplays or other concerns crossing the stage will be allotted time within reason to clear the stage, and may request a later judging slot to shorten the time in the cosplay.
• All competitors must be judged before the cosplay contest begins. Time slots will be scheduled Saturday morning (before noon) to all persons who signed up. Time slots are 2 min intervals to explain and showcase your work to the judges. If you are not present when your time slot is called, you will be moved to the end and called when all assigned time slots have been completed if time allows.
• Competitors who are entering as a model for a commissioner/tailor/seamstress must have the commissioner/tailor/seamstress present during pre-judging.
• Competitors who have won with the same build previously or have not been pre-judged when the contest begins, will be disqualified from placing.


• All cosplays must conform to a TV-PG rating. No nudity, explicit sexual content, or references to drugs or alcohol are permitted.
• There is absolutely no flash powder, liquid, food, or projectile weaponry allowed on stage at any time. Anything a competitor brings on stage with them must leave the stage with them. This is not our stage. Please be respectful of the space.
• Competitors must arrive on time for lineup and seating. Competitors arriving more than 15 minutes late will be disqualified from the competition. If an emergency arises, please contact the staff.
• The stage will have marked locations for the competitor to follow, stop at and pose, and then exit the stage afterwards. Do not exit or jump off the stage from the front.


• No weapons or sharpened objects. Any blunt swords, staffs, daggers, etc will need to be checked and inspected before allowed entry.
• Standard ''Swimsuit Areas'' must be covered at all times. No indecent exposure, bare feet, thong bottoms, under breast, or side of breast exposure permitted. You may wear a bikini top, but the entire breasts must be covered.




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