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Number of years experience volunteering at conventions?

How many TOTAL hours would you like to volunteer at ALL-CON this year?

Please note: 10 hours earns you a free badge for the following year...

Which days are you available for scheduling?

Please rate your interest as 0-3 ...
3="Yes Please" 2="I'll Try it" 1="Only If Dire Need" 0="No Thank You"

Craft Room Attendant
Laser Tag Attendant
Mini Golf Attendant
Escape Room Assistant
Guess Room Assistant
Staff Shadow
Volunteer Runner
Panel Census
Registration Desk
Security / Monitoring
Guest Services
AV Assistant
Hall Photography*
Cover Any Position Needed

*Photography requires the use of your own device and a minimum number of qualifying photos must be turned in HOURLY in order to receive volunteer photography credit. Photography also requires a minimum of four additional hours to be completed in other volunteer positions to qualify.

Any comments or references for the Volunteer Coordindator?