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Vader's Fest

Darth Vader Consortium of approved 501st Darth Vaders.


FRI 6:00p.m.: Vader's Fest: Darth Vader Meet, Greet, Q&A and Props Display (45 mins.)

Room: BEL-AIR 5 [Lobby Level] Rated: Everyone

Produced By: Vader's Fest

Visit our session to meet the Darth Vaders of TX and see what it takes to be the most iconic villain in the Galaxy. Have questions about Darth Vader? Have a desire to know about the Sith? Want to know what's it is like to troop as Darth Vader? You will see Vader costume props that are familiar from the Star Wars movies and have a chance to mingle and talk to Darth Vaders. We will have some Darth Vaders suited for casual photos.

Category: Activity

FRI 7:00p.m.: Vader's Fest: Private Darth Vader Conference (45 mins.)

Room: BEL-AIR 5 [Lobby Level] Rated: Private Event

Produced By: Vader's Fest

PRIVATE meeting - The Star Garrison Darth Vaders only conference. Plan to discuss the Detachment, networking, prop discussion, and other topics.

Category: Discussion Panel