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Hey Kids, Comics!


FRI 4:00p.m.: Don't Lose Your Geek Card - HEY KIDS COMICS (45 mins.)

Room: GAME SHOWS: MAYFAIR [Lobby Level] Rated: Teen

Produced By: JediCole Universe / Half Ass Productions; Hey Kids, Comics!

Speaking: JediCole Houston; Andrew Farmer

COMICS! Yep, that is what the hosts of Hey Kids, Comics! love to read, collect, and enjoy (and talk about on their podcasts). So naturally they want to challenge fans with a new batch of comic book trivia with their own version of Don't Lose Your Geek Card.

In keeping with the format of all incarnations of the game, each contestant collects three Geek Cards and faces the big board of trivia questions, in this case based on comics old and new. Each contestant who answers incorrectly loses on of their Geek Cards, lose them all during the game and you have to sit the rest out. But have no fear! Bonus Cards randomly included with some questions can save the day as they are effectively extra Geek Cards. Hidden Prize Cards add extra incentive as correct answers mean extra prizes for lucky contestants. Are you at the local comic shop every Wednesday to get the latest releases? Do you think you have ALL-CON comic book trivia champion Starman Morrison-level knowledge of the medium? Well true believer, you had best get int he contestant pool for this version of Don't Lose Your Geek Card!

Points are awarded for every correctly answered question as well as for each Geek Card retained and every Bonus Card earned (and retained). Prize Cards do not add to the point total, but at least there is a nice prize involved! Should comic books not be your cup of tea, check out the other incarnations of Don't Lose Your Geek Card on the schedule.

Contestants: Three
All contestants will receive a selection of comics from Hey Kids, Comics! Live's infamous ''Short Box'' at the start of the show.

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