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Mutants, Maidens and Munchkins Cosplay

The Munchkin cosplay crew have been cosplaying together and separately for more than a decade. These cosplaying moms now get to enjoy sharing their hobby with their kids which range in age from preschool to late elementary.

Munchkin Cosplay member Keely Graesser is proud to moderate the Cosplaying with Kids panel this year in conjunction with Heroic Inner Kids.






FRI 3:00p.m.: Cosplaying with Kids (45 mins.)

Room: BEL-AIR 1 [Lobby Level] Rated: Everyone

Produced By: Mutants, Maidens and Munchkins Cosplay; Heroic Inner Kids

Speaking: Keely Graesser; Ty Randolph; Anna Hubbard; Ashley Scoggins

Is your kid's dress up closet overflowing? Do their Halloween costumes put the neighborhood kids to shame? Then you might have a budding cosplayer on your hands!

Come learn helpful hints to making kids' costumes on a budget (after all they grow out of them quickly!) and how to face the challenges of being a ''cosplay mom / dad.''

We'll cover the differences in making costumes for adults vs kids (ie: more limited sizes, smaller budgets, more comfortable costumes) and share some of our favorite local kid costumes.

Category: Discussion Panel