Diane Lindmark was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma but has lived in Texas nearly all her life. Her father was an aeronautical engineer so as a child she moved around a lot, but she has always considered herself a native San Antonio girl. She was homeschooled through high school and has always longed to be a writer; but being severely dyslexic thought this an impossible feat, so she pursued other avenues of work. Diane never forgot her dream of being a writer and at the urging of her husband, she purchased a talk to text software program and sat down July 20, 2014 and in 91 days wrote A Solitary Stone (Diane Lindmark, 2015). She discovered that writing truly was as wonderful as she had imagined it being and has since written two more books in The Stone Wall series and another novel awaiting publication. Diane now lives with her husband and three children in the DFW area.

Also meet author Jeannie Ruth who constructs fantastic hats along with her promoting her books, ''Something of Value'', ''Runaway Angel'', and ''The Surprising Adventures of Lady Tremayne''.


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