Jennifer Angel

Ladies of the Legions

Jennifer (Jen ) Angel has been a crazy costumer, seamstress, and re-enactor for over 20 years. A 12 year member of the Star Wars 501st, Rebel Legion; a new team member admin of the Ladies of the Legions. After re-enacting on American Civil War battlefields, and wild west tours, found out about the 501st; traded in my bustle and hoop skirts for white armor. I thank those ladies in Kansas , Missouri and Nebraska for their never ending patience!

''I eventually had a Scout, Snow Trooper, Lady Tusken, AT-ST driver, AT-AT Commander, Zam Wessel, young Boba, and a Jawa. Soon I plan on Arc Trooper armor!

After learning the costuming ways of the 501st I soon became a GML (garrison membership liaison) for the 70th Explorers and later for Star Garrison, and a Regional Captain for the Rebel Legion.

I teach beginner sewing, and most of them seem to go on into costuming themselves! I love to help people get started and then watch their ideas and costumes develop, and be amazed.''





SAT Noon: Ladies of the Legions (45 mins.)

Room: MAIN STAGE: MALACHITE SHOWROOM [Lobby Level] Rated: Everyone

Produced By: Ladies of the Legions

Star Wars Costuming for Women, including 501st, Rebel and Mando type costumes. We will also discuss female specific costuming issues such as costuming as a male character, how to make armor fit female body shape, etc.

Speaking: Jennifer Angel; Angelle Bellard; Kameron Earles; Desiree Rodrigue

Category: Discussion Panel