Shawn Padilla

JediCole Universe



SAT 9:00p.m.: Deep End of the Pool (45 mins.)

Room: GAME SHOWS: MAYFAIR [Lobby Level] Rated: Teen

Produced By: JediCole Universe / Half Ass Productions

Moderated By: Shawn Padilla; Tia Duncan

Adult Swim is a television programming block that began on Cartoon Network in the early 2000's. It gives Cartoon Network's nocturnal more adult oriented shows a separate identity from the its normal target audience demographics' (children to early teen) programming. Adult Swim's content primarily consists of animated television series with some live action shows and the occasional experimental art piece. It's following has grown from a small group of underground enthusiasts to a large mainstream audience ( large enough to attract a cross-promotion campaign with McDonald's restaurants ).

Pulling from Adult Swim's almost two decades of content for source material, We've create a battery or trivia questions for three ( randomly chosen from contest entries ) contestants to attempt to outdo one another at being the first to correctly answer and take the title of 2018 ALL-CON's Deep End of the Pool trivia champion.

Contestants: 3

Category: Game Show