Cosplaying with Kids

Rated: Everyone

Category: Discussion Panel

Produced by: Mutants, Maidens and Munchkins Cosplay; Heroic Inner Kids

Is your kid's dress up closet overflowing? Do their Halloween costumes put the neighborhood kids to shame? Then you might have a budding cosplayer on your hands!

Come learn helpful hints to making kids' costumes on a budget (after all they grow out of them quickly!) and how to face the challenges of being a ''cosplay mom / dad.''

We'll cover the differences in making costumes for adults vs kids (ie: more limited sizes, smaller budgets, more comfortable costumes) and share some of our favorite local kid costumes.


FRI 3:00p.m. (45 mins.) Room: BEL-AIR 1 [Lobby Level]

Speaking: Keely Graesser; Ty Randolph; Anna Hubbard; Ashley Scoggins